Our Day Service

What we do at Bright Opportunities

We provide A HUGE selection of sessions, this is a guide to our session run, clients choose what they would like to attend.

All our activities specifically focus on developing communication skills, social integration, confidence and independence.  All sessions run daily and the same rota weekly for 6 months then review, we match the activities to our client’s chosen need and preference.

Our experienced staff will work with you to develop an individual plan of activities. We aim to help develop existing and new skills by creating a structures timetable within a supportive environment.

Bright opportunities believes in choice and control over clients lives, and of course, to live the best life possible!

Activities include:

  • Information technology sessions
  • Relaxation /yoga
  • Sensory room activities
  • Community based activities
  • Cafes, restaurants and shops visits
  • Accessing public transport and travel training
  • Educational visits museum and galleries
  • Walking group
  • Bowling and cinema trips
  • Horticulture at our community allotment HUGE plot!
  • Swimming groups
  • Beauty group-Girl time
  • Wildlife group
  • Therapy dog sessions
  • Photography group
  • Active / keep-fit group
  • Bird watching
  • Art group

Weekly rota

Daily Educational sessions

Daily person centred in house tutor session to teach, push and monitor progress on a 1:1 basis. 20 minute session, covering a wide range of learning disabilities, from mild dyslexia to severe, non-verbal autism. These sessions are fun and give the student the opportunity to progress with their reading and writing skills impacting on the confidence and self esteem and giving a sense of pride in their self development.


Weekly students have the chance to prepare a meal. They learn basic cooking skills including hygiene, measurements, simple baking, salad preparation etc, with the more able progressing to more involved cooking. Cake baking is a favourite activity.

An emphasis is placed on making the sessions fun and students take delight in preparing and cooking their own lunch. Or they may take home any cakes they have made. The objective is to help students become more independent in a home environment which will increase their self-confidence and self-belief and lead to a more independent form of living.

Life skills group

We use a learner-centred approach in our Life Skills and Learning Services. Our aim is to help people with learning disabilities to:

  1. Identify their own learning needs
  2. Work towards their personal aspirations.

We structure our courses flexibly so that a person’s specific learning needs can be met. This flexibility means that each person is given the maximum opportunity to learn new skills and gain awards and qualifications.  We use Individual Learning Plans to help people make choices about their long-term goals and access advice, information and opportunities within their communities.  Life skills, health and wellbeing, Independent living skills​.

Trips out

We hire bus or staff care to local attractions, sports events, bowling, farm visits, Chatsworth, driving range, museums, wildlife trust walks and activities, farmer’s markets, christmas markets.

This provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop .

1) Day service

Bright Ops is an exciting modern community based day service 9-4 for adults with learning disabilities and those on the Autism spectrum. We support people with many different types of disabilities we provide personal centred approach to through a variety of activities and a chance to make new friends to improve your independence skills.

Bright Opportunities is a not-for profit organisation, a community interest company.We have no local government funding or NHS.

We pride ourselves on being unique, person centred and we are proud to mix with our local community.

Through an enjoyable, effective and meaningful range of services and groups. We encourage our adults to learn new skills and become as independent as possible. We provide services six days a week at times designed to maximise the opportunity for our adults to attend.  Our day service can be accessed regularly or as a one-off, with or without support depending on the clients needs.

Different support levels are available from 1:1 support to group support.

Prices vary depending on needs of the clients.​

All starter sessions and transitions are free-no charge until we are all happy the client is happy and established.

The service runs Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and can offer support from 1 to 5 days a week, all year around.

Extra – clients can attend over the summer holidays in addition to their regular days.

2) Transitions service

We also focus on transition into the day service and adulthood up to 12 months in advance as we know how important transition is.

Transition, It starts with you…….

Our Transition Service provides many different kinds of support when young people with a disability prepare for adulthood.

The Service is used by young adults aged 17 moving into adult services.

Working from a person-centred perspective, transitioning provides young people and their families with a range of appropriate information, guidance and support to live the life they choose as they move into adult day opportunities.

Moving from children’s to adult services can be complex, exciting and challenging.  Bright Opportunities helps to ensure that all the relevant professionals and agencies are involved throughout the transition process with tailor made visits to the centre at the clients speed.

We work with everybody concerned to simplify the process, creating a Transition Plan which supports all of the individual’s desires and aspirations for their future.

Bright opportunities offers a wide range of services, which young people can access as they require throughout these transition.  We develop bespoke services to meet the needs of those approaching adulthood.

We can help support and visit to new residential settings to help support families with smooth transition into supported living and adult hood-moving on as part of consistency and relationship building.​

To request a free care planning meeting

You can contact us in the following ways:

Email:       tracey@brightopportunities.org.uk

Call:          07426071966

Post:         Bright Opportunities 11a, Market Street, Buxton.  Sk17 6LF


Download more information about the Day Service here:

Bright Opportunities Day Service PDF

Download the Easy to Read PDF

To discuss coming independently or to buy support from Bright opportunities for the session Call Tracey 07426071966

All welcome no need to book!

Terms, conditions and useful information.

  • All prices are subject to confirmation following a free initial planning meeting.
  • All our care workers receive comprehensive training and support. On-going personal development and are fully referenced and enhanced CRB checked as standard as are our volunteers who support at Bright Opportunities.
  • If transport to and from Bright Choice is required a minimum of 30 minutes each way will be charged.
  • Travel and mileage cost depends on distance.
  • A minimum of 30 minutes support will need to be purchased.
  • If you have a requirement for a larger package of care we will be please to discuss your requirements.
  • All our service prices are inclusive and VAT exempt.
  • Services are involved on a monthly basis and subject to payment terms

Day Service Availability:
9am to 4pm  Monday – Friday

The premises are fully accessible with a lift and hearing loop installed. Please note we currently have no hoist facilities.

Can be provided if required. Please ask for information and prices. This will be based on an assessment into the service and agreement through the client, the social team, family and carers.

How it works.

Before we recommend any services, we would love to have a chat and get to know you.  If you want, we can also talk to your family, friends or carer. We’ll speak to your social worker too, if they have referred you.  Then we will work with you to do an assessment and make sure that we cover all areas of care and support that you will need. We do this to make sure we really understand you and can support you in the best way possible.

This is then agreed with you, as well as your social worker and local authority — we do this so that we can agree on funding to pay for your support.

Person-centred plan

After assessing your needs, we work with you and anyone else you want to be involved, to make a plan for the support we will deliver. This is called a person-centred plan, because you are central to it.  The plan will detail the services we will provide, with information like who your support workers are, times of your support, and the specific things we need to support you with each day.

It will also include what your goals and aspirations are and how we will help to achieve them.

Reviewing your support

Over time your needs might change. You may need more or less support, or support with different activities.
We continuously monitor and review the support we provide to make sure your needs are being met.  If at any time your support does not meet your needs and goals we can work with you to review it and make changes.


All Bright Opportunities support workers are inclusive, enthusiastic and sensitive to each person’s needs. They work with the same person, giving the people we support the reassurance of seeing a familiar face.


Derbyshire County council contracted to deliver day service.


We provide a variety of external drop in ‘clubs’ available to any adult with a learning disability 18+ in the High Peak to attend . People can attend this with or without a PA from any other organisation.

How to attend any of our services

1) You can book Via website or call to arrange a visit
2) Chat with Bright Opportunities with/without social worker to discuss plan of action
3) Arrange lunch visit 11-1 and decided support needs following and initial assessment chart on clients needs.
4) We can then plan and arrange transition dates ranging from 1 hour a day to 1 session 9-4 . All tailor built to meet the client’s needs.

Any visits to Bright Opportunities are warmly welcomed before any decisions to start or to taster our service. ​